Treatments That Can Help Cover Up Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Treatments That Can Help Cover Up Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Fine lines and wrinkles are the skin’s natural signs of aging. Most people start with developing crow’s feet around their eyes when they reach their 30s. While they may also be referred to as “laugh lines, they can be annoying and damage your confidence.

Of course, there are medical treatments you can run to for help. Here’s an informative post, including facts, prices, and more about a medical procedure that can help you get rid of wrinkles.

While natural remedies and makeup can only do so much, there are even more effective treatments that directly target these lines.

1. Fractional resurfacing

Fractional resurfacing laser treatment does not affect the whole skin but instead, only the evenly spaced areas where the undamaged skin is located. The healing process for this treatment is much faster than traditional resurfacing treatments. Fractional resurfacing has less downtime. It is advisable to undertake several sessions of this treatment to achieve the best results.

2. Fillers

Fillers are widely used for treating skin conditions. It is carried out by a medical specialist who injects the fillers into the skin to increase the skin’s volume. Fillers help to flatten out wrinkles and fine lines. There are several filler substances that medical specialist use when carrying out the treatment.

The commonly used fillers are hyaluronic acid, lactic acid, hydroxylapatite, and even autologous fat transplants as their effects can last up to nine months or even longer. Collagen used to be the most popular filler in the aesthetic industry, but health care professionals find these newer filler substances more effective than collagen.

3. Laser resurfacing

Another popular treatment to get rid of wrinkles and fine lines. Medical specialists use a device that delivers beams of light into the skin that gives results similar to dermabrasion treatment but with better precision. The laser passes over the skin several times until the laser energy reaches the middle of the dermis. The procedure helps to stimulate the natural production of collagen in the skin to plump up the sagging skin and wrinkles.

Laser resurfacing can be done under “conscious sedation” in which the patient is awake and is given medications to calm and ease the pain. Even before proceeding with the treatment procedure, the medical specialist applies anesthetic creams in the area to be treated to help counter-attack the pain that may come with the laser for BPH treatment. Multiple sessions of laser resurfacing treatment may be needed to attain the best results.

Consult with your dermatologist to know what is the condition of your skin and what treatment(s) will work best for you.

4. Thread lift

A thread lift is carried out by a medical professional who inserts a stiff thread into the affected area with appropriate direction as the tissue is pulled to attach on the barbs and produce a lifted appearance in the depressed skin. Thread lift only has minimal downtime.

5. Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasions can also be referred to as sanding the skin with the use of a machine that utilizes aluminium crystals. This treatment helps to boost collagen production, making the skin smoother. Home microdermabrasion is not as effective as the microdermabrasion carried out by medical professionals.

The treatment is best undertaken in the clinic as the specialist gives the best treatment procedure, and they have more accuracy with treating the affected area.

Other Ways To Reduce Fine Lines And Wrinkles

Get More Sleep

Having enough hours of sleep can do a lot for us. It gives us more energy, it helps us be more focused, it is good for the health, and of course, it helps to maintain our skin. The deep sleep phase is when the body restores the skin by rejuvenating its appearance. Sleeping for 5 hours is not enough, and it may even worsen your skin condition. It develops dark eye circles and worsens wrinkles.

The recommended hours of sleep is always eight hours. With that much time, the body has enough time to stimulate collagen throughout the body and rejuvenate the skin. Lack of sleeping hours can make the body produce excess cortisol which is a hormone that breaks down skin cells. By getting enough sleep, the body will be able to produce more HGH (Human Growth Hormone), which helps to retain the skin’s thickness and reduces the possibility of the skin from wrinkling.

Drink More Water

Water has a lot of benefits. Its primary purpose is to hydrate the body and to cleanse the body from all the toxins. Sugary drinks, on the other hand, causes damage to the skin. It can trigger pimple or acne breakouts, and it can even the out the skin. Drinking eight glasses of water (as recommended by health professionals) helps to keep the skin naturally radiant. Enough water intake helps to hydrate the skin by stimulating collagen production and slowing down the aging process.

Avoid the sun

The sun’s harmful UV rays are the number one cause of skin pigmentations and skin depressions such as wrinkles and fine lines. A way to prevent such skin conditions is to apply sunscreen regularly, especially for those who occasionally go outside. Re-application of the sun protection cream or lotion is a must to continually let the product keep the skin from developing and worsening the wrinkles and fine lines.

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