What Are CBD Flowers? Here’s What You Need To Know

What Are CBD Flowers? Here’s What You Need To Know

CBD or Cannabidiol is a hemp extract that’s increasingly becoming popular for its potential wellness benefits. While the cannabidiol oil has been the rage in recent days, a new entrant, CBD flower, has begun to make waves within the cannabis world for its desirable effects, which include pain relief and relaxation.

So, what exactly is “CBD flower?”

CBD flower is a product of industrial hemp plants acquired directly from the plant – as such, there is no need for the various extraction techniques and processes that are applied to obtain other CBD extracts. Interestingly, CBD flowers contain the same terpenes and cannabinoids found in CBD oil.

People who favor flower buds over other CBD products claim that they are more effective. The reason behind this is that they contain more cannabinoids, which work together to create noticeable and longer-lasting effects.

Cannabidiol oils, on the other hand, usually have to go through a CO2 or ethanol extraction process while other CBD products are distilled even further for a “purer” end product. Sadly, these processes tend to strip away some naturally-occurring compounds found in cannabis. In contrast, CBD flowers are trimmed from hemp stalks and do not undergo any purification or extraction.

Can You Get High On CBD Flower?

The levels of THC (the compound responsible for making you high) in industrial hemp strains are naturally low; as a result, industrial hemp flowers contain tiny amounts of the compound. The buds these plants produce are rich in CBD, which doesn’t create any of the mind-altering effects associated with THC high.

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Are CBD Flowers Legal?

Hemp acquired from CBD flowers is legal in America as long as it contains no more than 0.3% THC by dry weight. In 2018, hemp was federally legalized as an agricultural crop, making the flowers legal as well. While some variations of the cannabis plant produce flowers that are low in THC concentrations and high in CBD, they still are not considered legal since they are of marijuana strains.

CBD Flower Benefits

Just like CBD oil, CBD flowers extracted from the hemp plant are believed to have various beneficial effects that are used to alleviate problems such as anxiety, chronic pain, insomnia, and more. While most of the benefits are based on anecdotal evidence, several studies have shown that cannabidiol has valuable purposes, including:

• Anxiolytic effects that help reduce stress and anxiety

• Anti-inflammatory properties that help lessen pain

• Neuroprotective properties

While these wellness benefits are quite appealing, it is worth noting that smoking CBD hemp flower isn’t the best or healthiest way to enjoy the benefits of cannabidiol. Inhaling anything other than O2 into your lungs is not healthy and can cause harm. As such, if you prefer smoking hemp, do note that there will be a trade-off between the ‘relieving’ effects experienced versus the internal impact that you don’t see.

While CBD flower is legal, there are still some challenges, especially when it comes to distributing and selling the buds. For starters, the buds look very much like marijuana, in both scent and appearance, and could raise a few eyebrows. If you aren’t careful, your CBD flowers could end up being mistaken for cannabis products that are considered federally illegal.

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When buying CBD-rich hemp flowers, always make sure that the product you are getting has been properly tested to ensure that the hemp flower you are getting is high-quality. Always go for accredited, lab-tested CBD flower, whose THC and CBD content you can rest assured has been verified. Another reason why you should go for lab-tested flowers is that it’s been tested for the presence of heavy metals, pesticides, and several other environmental contaminants. This is crucial considering that the hemp plant is known to absorb the contents found in the soil it’s been grown.

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