How Sports Medicine Improves Athletic Performance

How Sports Medicine Improves Athletic Performance

What are sports medicine specialists? How do they help athletes heal from critical injuries? Sports medicine is a branch of medicine that specializes in improving athletic performance through therapy-based training that addresses the patient’s physical needs. The field of sports medicine Mississauga ON adopts an interdisciplinary approach informed by sports science, nutritional science and orthopedics. Specialists focus on improving the human body’s potential for movement by helping their patients exercise more safely to restore balance and improve health.

Sport Medicine Specialists

There are four types of specialists in sports medicine. Sports medicine physicians review the patient’s symptoms to treat sports-related injuries. They usually obtain a certificate of completion following a two-year academic fellowship. Some physicians are also surgeons who operate on patients to restore torn tendons and ligaments. However, most of them offer less intensive care. They also provide comprehensive treatment for several other conditions, from chronic illnesses such as hypertension and diabetes to nutrition issues. Athletic trainers focus on helping athletes recover and regain their past exercise regimen. There are also sports nutritionists who encourage athletes to eat a well-balanced diet based on the specific activity they engage in during competitions.

The Rehabilitation Model

Sports medicine specialists focus on treating the whole athlete, including their mental and emotional wellness. They understand that motivation is a powerful tool people use to get things done. They also recognize that motivation put into practice turns weaknesses into strengths. The focus on rehabilitation places greater emphasis on personal development compared to most other branches of medicine. Specialists communicate with their patients frequently until they reach full recovery, wanting to know how their patient copes with stress and handles their emotions. Patients often participate in a wellness program that improves coordination. The model also benefits injured construction workers, providing rehabilitation to those who need a speedy return to work.

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Educational Background

The field virtually didn’t exist ten years ago. Sports medicine is a new and rapidly developing field of study in colleges and universities. Students interested in the field can obtain an undergraduate degree or may earn a masters. Educated specialists are then trained to provide in-depth and thorough medical treatment, usually within two years. Physicians are required to attend medical school and attend an osteopathic residency for more hands-on learning. As medical technologies boom and new discoveries start to unravel, the field of sports medicine will likely continue to grow and new career opportunities may also arise.

Specialists understand the whole human body is interconnected, so they focus on all parts of the body rather than simply on skeletal or cardiovascular organs. The rehabilitation model, contrary to popular understanding, focuses more on recovery than on pharmaceutical treatment. They know their education is fully becoming an important part of the profession and want to use it.

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