Telehealth Software Benefits

Telehealth Software Benefits

Health IT is a vast notion that encompasses a collection of technologies to stock, share, and assess health information.

Telehealth is a section of health information technology that incorporates technology to transmit clinical healthcare through the use of an online video connection, which is secure.

Telehealth software is the setting employed by physicians to link with patients and safely transmit pictures and videos. It can be incorporated with a doctor’s electronic health index and scheduling procedures.

Importance of Telemedicine

The Department of Health and Human Services reports that more than sixteen million people in the United States without health insurance have gained health coverage under the Affordable Care Act.

This is excellent news, but it has also highlighted that the health system is not adequate to undertake the large numbers of patients who would be checking into physical health facilities simultaneously for assistance.

This is where telemedicine comes in handy. Telehealth software is a major way to assist more patients on a timely basis.

Also, the community of elderly and persistently ill patients is accumulating rapidly. That’s why more than thirty states have legislated telemedicine reimbursement equality laws, and various other states have statutes pending.

Key Components of Telemedicine Software

Telemedicine software solutions are abundant, but it is not a one size fits all situation. The software comes with varying features, but the ideal solutions comprise the following key components:

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EHR/PM Integration

This feature allows providers to add videos to their communication with patients without glitches more easily.

Telehealth providers need software that does not include complications.

Patient Mobile App

The point of telemedicine software is to ensure ease of care for patients.

Therefore, providing a mobile app and browser capabilities is critical for patients to connect anywhere easily.

Payment Eligibility Verification

Providers require verification that they will be compensated for each telemedicine session.

Therefore the most extensive telehealth software will comprise a regulations tool to ascertain payment eligibility at the time of appointment scheduling

Secure Video

Some video connections are not safe enough to deliver the patient privacy protections compelled by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

So, specific telehealth technology is an ideal choice instead of an available video conferencing selection like skype, etc., which do not correspond with HIPAA-compliant video conferencing outcomes.

Personalized Branding

Being able to brand your app will give patients more confidence that they are getting legitimate service.

Nothing beats having a logo and general look that depicts a professional service.

In-app Support

Sometimes, even the simplest software may present a feature that may be a bit confusing.

Therefore, you should select a telehealth software that comprises in-app support to solve issues on a timely basis.

Benefits of Telehealth Software

Telehealth video conferencing is great for patients in a myriad of ways, but how does it benefit the providers?

Greater Productivity

Being able to treat patients through video gives rise to practices being more efficient by lessening

the wait time and the pressure on administrative employees.

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When properly implemented, telemedicine calls increase the number of patients a provider can treat each daily.

Improved Follow-up Visits

Removing the obstacle of transportation boosts the probability that patient treatment will be prosperous since it is simpler to follow-up visits with telemedicine.


Since the provider and the patient are able to connect no matter where they are, with telehealth technology, providers can adjust their hours and still manage to go to the places they need to be.

Cancellation Reduction

Since typical issues like transportation or child care are no longer a barrier to health care with telemedicine, no-shows and cancellations at the last minute are significantly reduced.

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