Top Tips to Cope with Working from Home

Top Tips to Cope with Working from Home

Due to the recent Covid-19 pandemic, many offices worldwide have opted, if possible, to relocate most of their staff to work from home. Whilst working from home can be a boon for some people, others may struggle to cope with such a drastic change. Read on to find out the Top Tips to Cope with Working from Home if you are finding yourself struggling!

Try and Maintain Business as Usual

A big part of any workday is the routine – waking up at a certain time, having your morning coffee, leaving at a set hour, and so on. Working from home really derails this daily ritual – suddenly, you may find yourself waking up way past noon with lots of work left to do. If there’s anything the brain loves, it’s routine – so, try and wake up at the same time every day, as if you were actually going to work. You could even try having the same morning rituals, just to ‘trick’ your brain into thinking it’s business as usual. Any major deviations from long-established routines can induce stress – so, keep it sane, keep it boring!

Treat Yourself

Whilst we all have high expectations of ourselves, especially in today’s results-driven world, we do need to take some time off for ourselves. It is all too easy to be critical of ourselves – however, sometimes it is better to have a break than to keep pushing ourselves past our breaking point. If you find your stress and anxiety levels are rising, supplements such as CBD oil from can really help to relax your mood, easily and risk-free. You could also try partaking in a few hobbies, even if it’s something as simple as collecting stamps or writing. Such activities usually lead to joining a community of likeminded individuals, and having social support throughout these times can be invaluable for your mental well-being.

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Have a Designated Space

One of the biggest pitfalls when working from home is the temptation to work from anywhere within your home. Working from the comfort of your bed can be a very tempting offer! However, it’s essential to separate work life from personal life as much as possible, especially during these troubling times. The place in your home at which you do work becomes associated with your job, and so if your whole house is your office, you never end up feeling quite at ease. It is therefore important to have a designated workspace in your house, even if that is just setting aside a special desk only for work. That way, you can create a mental barrier between work and leisure, allowing you to enjoy your time inside your home to its fullest.

In conclusion, working from home can be a real bonus for some, but it can be an equal pain to others. If you are struggling, it’s really important to try and maintain a sense of normalcy, even if superficial, that can help to keep you mentally fit and well!

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