How does the art hanging system add beauty to real estate images?

How does the art hanging system add beauty to real estate images?

Just like other types of photography, taking real estate images requires creativity. It is a niche that needs mastery, focus, and art appreciation. Let’s see how does the art hanging system add beauty to real estate images.

For one, you do not always capture photos of empty rooms. Most fully-furnished properties are always “picture-ready,” but if it is not, try to add some art elements that can make it stand out from others.

Some homeowners opt to use virtual staging to add designs in an empty room, which is cool and convenient in many ways.

However, if you want a design with a personal touch, why not try using an art hanging system? It is the modern way of displaying paintings on walls without overdoing the process.

You see, paintings are one of the best decorations to use on walls. But, at times, homeowners just put them on without thinking much about symmetry and combination.

This creates unpleasant visuals that do not have any positive impact on the real estate photos.

So, what is the best solution? Most interior designers will recommend trying an art hanging system.

But what is it exactly, and how can it add value to real estate images?

The art hanging system is basically a streamlined way of arranging paintings to hang up on a wall. It follows the rules of symmetry and always considers aesthetics as a great part of the overall layout.

Art galleries or museums often use the concept of an art hanging system. It is mostly favored because of the following:

  • Convenience
  • Reduced number of wall repairs
  • Streamlined art flow

Benefits of the Art Hanging System

If you want to know more about this technique, here are some of its known benefits.

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Easy Adjustment

If you are keen on achieving the kind of design you have in mind, consult an interior designer and ask for the best types of paintings to use.

The best way to do it is to let the designer test all the placements of the paintings right away on the wall rather than laying them on the floor.

This also provides an easy way to adjust height and position. Also, it is a great way to check the combinations and the kind of symmetry you want to achieve in your listing photos.

Instant Lighting

Most modern picture hanging systems have built-in LED lights. You can easily light up the artworks to look vibrant and great on photos. This feature is something that future buyers should not worry about because LEDs convert 80% of energy to light.

So, no need to worry about the artwork getting damaged or the increased power consumption. Just consider this as a distinct feature of the property.

Perfect for Interior Real Estate Photography

Using an art hanging system is one good way to showcase your room’s aesthetics during a real estate photo shoot or even a live tour. It adds value to the property and may help sell the property faster.

Your real estate photographer can easily produce stunning images from your current room designs, especially for the living or bedroom shots.

Unique Concept

By choosing the right kind of paintings to use, you can have a unique design concept that can set your property apart from others. This adds value to the home or unit you are trying to sell.

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Overall, using the art hanging system gives homeowners the chance to beautify rooms without spending too much on fixtures or other decorations.

It is always a versatile option, especially that it does not specifically require using expensive paintings.

You can buy those usual paintings and frames you see in department stores and then arrange them accordingly in a streamlined process.

Just make sure that you incorporate the ideas of symmetry to achieve that perfect-looking photo.


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