Tell-Tale Indicators That You May Need Cataract Surgery

Tell-Tale Indicators That You May Need Cataract Surgery

The process of aging comes with unbearable changes to your life. For instance, cataracts are common eye concerns for people over 60 years. The condition can be annoying since it can cause vision difficulties if left untreated. As a result, many people are considering cataract surgery Jenkintown due to its effectiveness. However, knowing the right time to consider the surgery might be challenging. If you are stuck, keep reading this article to learn about the tell-tale indicators that you may need cataract surgery.

Light Sensitivity

Some cataracts can make light become scattered once it hits your eyes. If the light fails to focus properly on your retina, you may experience painful glare. The discomfort can be dangerous and can minimize your usable vision. If you become sensitive to light, you should seek checkups from an optometrist. The optometrist will evaluate the health of your eyes to confirm if cataracts are causing light sensitivity.

Blurry Vision

Blurry is a common concern when components of your eyes have a problem. A complication with components such as the retina, cornea, and optic nerves can lead to blurred vision. Alternatively, the development of cataracts causes clouding to become denser, preventing sharp images from reaching your retina. You should consult your eye specialist if you notice blurry vision as cataracts develop slowly, where changes might go unnoticed.

Difficulty Seeing in Little Lighting

When your cataracts fully develop, your eye lens becomes cloudy, making it challenging to see in low light. You may start noticing this effect with a gradual loss of contrast sensitivity that becomes visible in dim lighting. As a result, carrying out activities like driving becomes complex and dangerous. Thus, if you are experiencing a limited vision in low light, you should avoid activities like driving to prevent accidents until you receive cataract surgery.

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Difficult Reading Even With Reading Glasses

Cataracts can cause problems seeing in low light, particularly when working up close. As a result, performing activities like sewing and reading becomes hard. Sometimes you may be unable to read even with reading glasses. This issue means that your cataracts are serious enough that they require surgery to be eliminated.

Changes to Color

In most cases, cataracts are not white opacities. They are colored and turn yellowish as they develop. The coloration can be directed to the light entering the eyes. As a result, your vision may become muddy, and colors tend to fade. You should consult an eye specialist to confirm if cataract surgery can solve the issue.

Double Vision

Instead of seeing a double image, you may see a second image displaced slightly from the main image of the object you are looking at. This issue occurs when the lens is behind the pupil, changing shape as it focuses. This problem cannot be solved by other concerns apart from surgery. Therefore, if you notice double vision, it is high time you see your eye specialist.

Ignoring the warning signs and symptoms of cataracts can cause undesirable consequences like difficulty reading, driving, and sewing. Besides, cataracts continue to worsen with time, and they can lead to permanent blindness. Therefore, if you are suspicious of symptoms of cataracts, do not hesitate to seek a medical checkup from your healthcare provider. If detected, your doctor might suggest cataract surgery to solve your eye concerns completely.

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