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Tips for Keeping Fit and Healthy

Tips for Keeping Fit and Healthy

Keeping fit and healthy is a top priority for many people, but there are also people who find keeping in tip-top condition a struggle. We’re all aware of the benefits of regular exercise and healthy eating, but for many, life just gets in the way. 

8 Natural Ways to Stay Healthy

8 Natural Ways to Stay Healthy

Being healthy is something that most people hope for. However, not everyone is ready to put in the work to ensure they’re healthy. For those that are ready to start living a healthy life, you may be on the lookout for knowledge as well as 

Why Food+Sleep+Exercise=Success!

Why Food+Sleep+Exercise=Success!

In order to feel truly well in body, mind, and spirit, we need to address our health with a holistic approach. This means that just exercising will not be enough. Eating well alone with not be enough and nor will sleeping well – taken in isolation. However, when all three components come together, the magic trinity can transform your health. To understand why these factors are so important, we can look at them individually, bearing in mind that they are like three legs of a stool. With any one of the legs missing, the stool will topple over.


The saying ‘we are what we eat’ has an element of truth. The food we eat is the fuel to keep our body healthy. While it is tempting to pick up a convenient snack from the fast food restaurant, there is scientific research to show that choosing a healthy option keeps us healthier, happier and more motivated. Many of us undertake punishing diet regimes which can deplete the body of nutrients and energy. Choosing fat burner supplements can work wonders in the short-term and kick start our motivation, then a slow and steady weight loss approach will promote a more prolonged reduction in weight. Keeping hydrated, cutting down on sugar and alcohol are all moves we can make towards a healthier, happier body. However, we all need to treat ourselves and indulging in the odd bottle of Tesco Prosecco is a wonderful way to reward a job well done.

We need a variety of foods in order to maintain optimum health. A diet rich in fresh fruit and vegetables provides fiber, vitamins, and minerals and helps to keep our digestive systems working well. A diet rich in omega 3 fatty acids helps improve brain power and keep us

alert and well nourished, while lean protein builds healthy muscle.


Sleep is a vital part of our life. Those who are deprived of sleep are less energetic, motivated and healthy. Ensuring that the right amount of sleep and the proper quality of sleep are achieved can enhance our mental and physical well being enormous. Lack of sleep is linked with stress, high blood pressure as well as reduced brain function. It is important to establish a regular sleep cycle and wind down before settling down at night. In the evening, put work away, settle down in a dark, quiet bedroom and focus on rest, trying to remove worries and anxieties from our minds.

Further proof of the holistic benefits of sleep, diet, and exercise lies in the research which shows that poor quality sleep can make us fat. One of the reasons for this is that we tend to consume more unhealthy calories after we have had a poor night’s sleep and eat to try and give us energy. The hormones which regulate our appetites are affected by bad quality sleep, so if you are hoping to achieve a healthy weight, then sleep is as important as diet.


The benefits of exercise are well-known and far-reaching. Not only can it be a useful tool for weight loss, but it also helps to improve cardiovascular function and promotes mental wellbeing. Aerobic exercise produces endorphins in the body and helps to treat depression and melt away stressful feelings like a glass of Crown Royal Reserve does. While exercise might not be an appealing prospect, especially in the middle of a busy working day, it is a vital component of our health and must be scheduled into our routines until it becomes second nature. Our bodies will thank us later and we can also order steroids online. It doesn’t have to be a strenuous work-out at the gym. Incorporating walking and cycling into everyday life can be just as beneficial. Even driving around on your KTM can be a good exercise and a great stress buster. Thirty minutes of exercise taken several times a week will reap major benefits.

Our bodies need nourishing from more than one source. We need to keep hydrated, well fed and to ensure that our hard-working bodies and brains are rested efficiently. Keeping the body moving and raising the heart rate comprises the third part of the trio of vital ingredients that

give us a successful and happy life. If these three pillars of health are maintained then we can achieve optimum health, but all three are as important as each other.



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Four Weight Loss Solutions for Those Who Have Tried Everything

Four Weight Loss Solutions for Those Who Have Tried Everything

There is a lot to be said about healthy living. Not only can it help you look great, but it can also help you feel great. It will help you live longer. It will help you boost your mental health and mood, and so on. 

Five Proven Benefits of Working out in Addiction Recovery

Five Proven Benefits of Working out in Addiction Recovery

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Pro Tips to Get More From Group Fitness Classes

Pro Tips to Get More From Group Fitness Classes

Whether you’re swinging kettlebells or pedalling through a spin session, group fitness classes are a great way to get into shape. Health and fitness classes provide instructor motivation, an energetic atmosphere, and boredom proof routines to keep you going with personal accountability for your own goals. However, if you want to take it to the next level, there are some pro tips to get more out of your classes.

Invest in Some Higher Tech Gear

Before heading out to any group health and fitness clubs in Melbourne , you should consider upgrading your kit. Swap your cotton gear for poly blends that help to regulate body temp and wick moisture. Research has shown that women who wear polyester fabrics when exercising showed improvements in their athletic performance compared to working out in cotton clothing.

Think Form Rather Than Speed

Speed and repetition don’t necessarily mean a better outcome. The key to avoiding injury and building muscles is ensuring your body parts are in the right place. While an instructor will explain arm or foot placement and provide modifications, it is crucial that you ask questions if you feel unsure. If you feel a little shy to speak up during the class, stay behind and ask to be shown the precise alignment for your next class.

Practice Proper Posture

While you may think posture is only important for yoga, it is crucial for other strength moves and cardio. For example, if you’re rowing going as fast as possible isn’t important, rather concentrate on your posture. Ideally, 60 percent of the power for the motion should come from your legs, while 20 percent comes from your core, rather than relying solely on your arms.

Stand Up During Spinning

Regardless of the cycle, you prefer using, getting up out of the saddle whenever possible will help you gain the most from the class. Research has shown that standing climbing or adopting a running position will generate higher cardiorespiratory responses compared to sitting. So, try to stand up whenever you have the option even if you feel tired as you’ll get better endurance benefits.

HIIT Your Heart Rate

If you want to get the best from your health and fitness classes, strap on a monitor and ensure you’re hitting your target heart rate. For a highly efficient workout, look to spend most of the class in the aerobic zone at approximately 70% of your maximum heart rate, with the remaining time in the anaerobic zone at 84% of your maximum heart rate. Spending up to 20 minutes during an hour long class in the higher range will help you to burn more calories even if you’ve stopped moving.

Have Fun

Dreading an exercise class means that it’s likely you’ll find other tasks that have to be completed, and you’ll end up missing it. Two Cornell Food & Brand Lab studies found that treating your workout as fun can result in eating less later, which can further aid you to achieve your fitness goals.

If you’re interested in group fitness classes, you should visit us. We offer a fantastic range of yoga classes in Melbourne, health and fitness classes and you’ll find our team members would be delighted to answer any questions to help you discover your ideal class.

6 Reasons Why You Should Only Use Natural Supplements

6 Reasons Why You Should Only Use Natural Supplements

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