4 Things to Consider when Choosing Wedding Wines

4 Things to Consider when Choosing Wedding Wines

Weddings, by expectation, are supposed to be extremely intriguing and riveting. The engrossing nature of wedding is not only because of the marriage scheduled for the day, but the many beautiful things to behold.

It starts from the colourful balloons, the couples that will gussy up, the venue, the classy dishes, and also the saporous wines.

So, of one of the many right decisions you must make for your wedding, the selection of wine is a very weighty one. Especially if you and your friends love wine and enjoy looking at funny wine memes .

Most people, including oenophiles understand their exact taste and choice of wine. The selection of a wine over the other is an utter no-brainer for them.

But when it comes to deciding the type of wines for hundreds of people, they find it too difficult.

To decide on the best wine for your wedding, consideration of the following four things will help you make the right decision.

  1. Taste

You must be entirely satisfied with no reservation about the taste of the wine you are deciding to pick. If you do not trust your own sense of taste, it is better you go for tasting with some people.

Some couples who have seen the vitality of this even go for tasting along with their bridal party and family members. Go for the taste that is most appealing to you and also make little provisions for some other taste. What you must ensure is that you taste every drink you are serving on your wedding.

Don’t give any winery a benefit of the doubt. To ensure you are choosing the best wine and not giving preferences to previously loved ones, try doing a blind tasting. Put the different wines into paper bags and taste them without knowing which is which. Using this trick, taste about four red wines and compare their taste and do exactly the same for white wines too.

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You can also decide to make selection of wines quite fair by trusting the groom and the groomsmen to select the red wines, and leaving the bride and bridesmaids to decide on the white ones.

Just to ensure that you have everyone’s taste considered, make sure you make provision for both red and white wines. It is a must!

  1. Season

Consideration of the season and the month is equally important. People have been noticed to have preferences for certain wines against the other in particular seasons.

For example, during the cooler months, people are more interested in drinking heavy wines, especially red ones, and during the hotter months, they have preferences for lighter wines, especially white and sparkling ones.

If your wedding is coming up during winter or early spring, then you should consider tabling more of red wine, or an equal mix of red and white wines. If it is during the summer, then, go for more of white.

Also, the time the wine would be served should not be left out. If your wedding is during the daytime, people will drink less and prefer lighter wine, but if you’re going for the evening wedding, then, feel free to get the heavy ones served.

  1. Cuisine

It is not until you get a sommelier that you can decide on the best wine for pairing with a dish. It is very easy for you. Wines and dishes that have similar flavour will match better than getting just anything.

Kat Odell, editor of Eater Drinks makes the following suggestions:

  • For chicken, a red or white that’s on the medium to lighter side is a safe bet.
  • For fish, Greek wines or other lighter, mineral-y whites go well with seafood.
  • For beef, a strong grenache or pinot noir (both reds) complements beef.
  • For pork, go for a bolder white with pork, like a white Burgundy.
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But before then, know the difference between red wines and white wines to get the better understanding of your budget.

The magic this does is it complements your food and makes the guests enjoy their meal even the more.

  1. Number of drinks

If you will not want to start rushing around means of saving your face, it is advisable you get a little more than the exact number of wines you really think you need.

The number of wines you need depends on the number of guests you are expecting. There is a golden “rule of thumb” which is planning 2-4 glass pours for each person, and an average wine bottle has five pours.

So, for a hundred guests, you should be planning a minimum of 40 bottles, and a maximum of 80 bottles.

You’re advised to beat the maximum. Too much is just enough! Should your wine remain, you can give them out to special guests, sell them, or start your honeymoon immediately with them.

With full consideration and right decision on the above four, you can be sure you’ve planned your wine and go to other things.

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