From Vegan To Paleo: Choose Your Own Dieting Adventure

From Vegan To Paleo: Choose Your Own Dieting Adventure

Dieting has been a hot topic for years now, and it seems that each year brings a new dieting fad with it. You don’t have to (and shouldn’t) change your entire diet just because something is popular at the moment. That being said, there are still some diets that have remained and are considered healthy. There’s nothing wrong with experimenting with them a little and finding out which one suits your body the best. From Vegan to Paleo, let’s see what your dieting adventure will be.

1. Vegan

If you’re a fan of plant-based foods, being vegan should come naturally to you. Of course, there are moral and ethical reasons behind going vegan as well as just not being a big meat eater. If these reasons resonate well with you, you should definitely consider going vegan. This kind of diet will be hard to pull off in the beginning because you’ll realize just how many products have animal traces in them.

Luckily, as the diet becomes a more popular choice among people, it becomes much easier to find high-quality alternatives which give you the nutrients you need. Though people like to say that this is a malnourishing diet, it’s actually full of fibre, folic acids, and vitamins like C and E. It’s also low in unsaturated fats, meaning that you’ll have an easier time losing a little weight.

To make sure that you’re healthy while being vegan, you can take supplements if you notice that your body needs them. This is especially important for iron and vitamins D and B12. Also, monitor your intake of calcium.

2. Ketogenic


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Those who are happier giving up carbs than rich high-fat foods. If you’re familiar with the Atkins craze and are a fan of it, you should be even more drawn to this diet. The main benefit you’ll have by switching to this regime is that you’ll let your body burn fat instead of using carbs for energy. This is a great way to start losing weight and finally get rid of excess fat.

The first thing you’ll notice when switching to this diet is fatigue, dizziness, headaches, and constipation. Don’t worry though, these are only temporary side-effects until you get used to the new diet. Look at this as a chance to discover your inner chef, as you’ll need to plan your meals, count calories, and cook.

3. Mediterranean

The most successful diet for people who crave variety and balance is the Mediterranean diet. Here, you’ll get to eat everything but you’ll need to find the right balance in your meals. Enjoy everything in moderation and stick to whole grains and you should be fine.

Lean meats, whole foods, and vegetables will be your best friends on this dieting journey. Again, make sure to eat everything in moderation and don’t be afraid of getting creative with recipes.

As well as that, you should switch the butter you use for cooking with olive oil and the salt with herbs and garlic. This is bound to spice up your palette as well as make your diet healthier.

4. Calorie Control Diets

Calorie Control Diets

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You can also customize your diet with the help of a weight loss meal plan. This method of dieting mostly revolves around sticking to your numbers and intaking the right amount of calories and protein without sacrificing variety or taste. This is a great way to lose weight or simply get leaner, which is why it’s recommended for people who wish to adopt a healthier lifestyle and those with fitness goals they’re trying to achieve.

All you’ll need to do is pay attention to the calories and the macros you need for the week. Then the meal planner will tally up each meal and give you a total for the week. This is a great way to track exactly how much calories and macros you’re ingesting, thus helping you stay on track of your fitness goals more easily. When you’ve got an accurate number in mind, it’s not hard to figure out how much you need to work out to get to your goal.

Don’t forget about protein, either. If you’re trying to build muscle or just want to benefit from more protein in your diet, you should take that into consideration when building your perfect meal plan. By customizing how you eat, you don’t leave anything up to faith and are in complete control over your diet and nutrition.

5. Paleo

Those who are disciplined and good at sticking to whole foods are going to benefit most from Paleo. For this diet, you’ll need to be prepared to give up dairy, grains, and legumes. This is why most people whose tummies ache after these ingredients or who just don’t like them choose Paleo to begin with.

Paleo is also a great way to kick start weight loss, as this is a diet full of fibre, potassium, and antioxidants. Whole foods only can be a hard diet to stick to, as most of our food today comes from jars and boxes. You’ll need to find new ways to obtain food and avoid those sections of the supermarket entirely.

The trick to executing a Paleo diet well is not to count the serving size, but the ratio between what you’re eating. So, in other words, you should have two veggies to one piece of meat on your plate. The biggest danger of Paleo may be calcium deficiency, so you’ll need to monitor that carefully. Perhaps it’s also a good idea to visit your doctor before you start this diet just to make sure your body will be able to handle it.


As you may have noticed, the diet you choose greatly depends on what you want to achieve. As well as that, your diet may depend on what soothes your body and makes it feel nice. Avoid the things that make you bloated, choose healthy alternatives, and stick to the dieting adventure your body responds best to. After experimenting with them a little, you’ll find the way which suits you most and will definitely improve your life by a lot.

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