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Bulimia Nervosa and Social Media – a Dangerous Duo

Bulimia Nervosa and Social Media – a Dangerous Duo

Recently, the National Institute of Health’s National Library of Medicine published a study that established a relationship between the use of social media and the incidence eating disorders among young people in the USA. Studies performed by national psychiatric institutions indicate that up to 2.6 

10 Questions You Should Ask an Anorexia Nervosa Treatment Center

10 Questions You Should Ask an Anorexia Nervosa Treatment Center

Choosing the right place to get anorexia nervosa treatment is one of the most important choices a person in need can make. Options can be overwhelming; anorexia is a complex disease that can require multifaceted and intense treatment. Because of the variety of symptoms and 

4 Essential Signs that Your Teen Might Have Anorexia Nervosa

4 Essential Signs that Your Teen Might Have Anorexia Nervosa

Privacy for your kids and being able to provide care for them is a tough balancing act -especially when a dangerous but often well-hidden disorder like anorexia nervosa is involved. At a time when children start to demand more personal privacy, there is also a cheater chance for developing potential behavioral and mental health diseases than during the early childhood years.

Anorexia nervosa is the most dangerous mental health disorder – shockingly, there is an almost 20 percent chance untreated anorexia nervosa will result in premature death. Many people are familiar with the basics of anorexia nervosa, many of the early symptoms are unfamiliar and subtle. By catching the symptoms of anorexia nervosa disorder early, parents can give their teenagers the greatest gift possible – a healthy, recovered life free of anorexia nervosa.

With an average onset of age 18, the need for anorexia nervosa treatment may become apparent as young as 12 or 13 – there have even been cases observed in girls as young as 6 years old. Here are four signs your teen (or tween) may have a problem:

  1. Compulsive Exercising

Virtually every person with anorexia nervosa has a distorted body image. They, contrary to all evidence, think they are “too fat,” and that they need to take measures to avoid gaining weight. In addition to the well-known avoidance of eating, this can also manifest in excessive exercise.Of course, athletics and exercise are important at all ages.Anorexia-related obsessive exercise can put strains on the body, though.This can cause lots of medical complications in later years, affecting the knees, feet and other joints as well as the heart and lungs. Signs that exercise might be turning compulsive include exercising in bad weather, skipping social events to exercise, or trying to work out even when injured.

  1. Food Rituals and Lessening Appetite

One of the earliest signs of a disordered relationship with food and eating is when a child begins to engage in foot rituals. There are lots of ways this might manifest, but they usually get more elaborate and complicated as time goes on. Some common rituals might include pushing foods around on the plate, refusing to eat foods if they touch other kinds of food on the plate, refusing to eat certain parts of the meal like more rare parts of the meat or the crust of a slice of pizza, or eating foods only in a certain order (meat, starch, vegetable, for example). Of course, most of these are innocuous on their own but combined with other unusual behaviors, it might indicate that your teen needs to consider anorexia nervosa treatment.


  1. Dieting and Counting Calories

Experts at anorexia nervosa treatment centers who treat teenagers as young as 11 years old have noticed that their clients often count calories obsessively and engage in diets. While healthy eating should always be encouraged, for growing children a balanced diet is essential for growth and mental/emotional development. Correspondingly, diets and strict caloric intake restrictions are usually not appropriate at that age.


  1. Continued and Excessive Weight Loss

This is the most obvious sign of anorexia nervosa (although weight loss can come from a variety of illnesses). As time goes on, people with anorexia nervosa will restrict their food intake to the point where they cannot maintain viable body weight. For teenagers and smaller children, it can severely slow or even halt growth and development. If weight loss continues for 6 months or your child is noticeably emaciated, don’t hesitate.


There Is Always Hope

Anorexia nervosa affects almost one percent of the female population, and that might even be underreported. However, an anorexia diagnosis isn’t a cause to lose hope. There are many options for help, most notably from a professional anorexia nervosa treatment center. If you’re a parent who is concerned that your daughter may be developing anorexia nervosa, keep an eye out for these early warning signs – and reach out to her sooner rather than later.

Easy Ways to Help Yourself Recover from Strenuous Exercise

Easy Ways to Help Yourself Recover from Strenuous Exercise

Exercise is good for you. Everyone knows that, but do you really know why? Basically, exercise hurts your body and it provokes a reaction. When you go for a run, play football or anything else of the sort, you may experience some mild discomfort. This 

How a Dry Herb Vaporizer Works: A Short Guide for First-Time Users

How a Dry Herb Vaporizer Works: A Short Guide for First-Time Users

The term dry herb vaporizer may sound fancy at first mention, and in your mind, you might conjure up an image of a complicated and very expensive machine. In truth, however, dry herb vaporizers are nifty gadgets that just about any cannabis user can have, 



The work humans were completing manually were taken over by machines. These machines, however, were operated by humans. This had a huge impact on the world. The rate of manufacturing increased. But we humans can never be content with what we have and progress has always been one of the focus points for us.

We started making machines smart and intelligent. Machines were made to learn the patterns humans were following and based on those patterns machines are expected to take actions. If we look around, we will realise that Artificial Intelligence has taken over to such an extent that almost all machines that humans were operating manually are now integrated with the functionalities of AI and Machine Learning.

LG is one of the leading companies when it comes down to the competition in launching products integrated with the latest upgrades. They have recently launched some amazing appliances which have certainly got the heads turning. In this article, we will discuss the upgrades they have blended in the given below products.

  1. LG Smart ThinQ Refrigerator
  2. Smart wi-fi Enabled Induction
  3. LG Smart Dishwasher


When smart meets cool, the chemistry works wonders. The cool LG refrigerator, when connected with our smartphone, using LG ThinQ app or simple voice commands by Amazon Alexa or Google voice assistant, makes our life pretty easy.

Get Notified

A scenario occurs where you are preparing for a big occasion and you have prepared some amazing delicacies for some special guests. These delicacies needed to be cooled for a few hours in the refrigerator. In the excitement of all the preparation, you left the door of the refrigerator open. The fridge lost all the cooling and so did you, which could have been avoided if someone might have just warned you about the doors left open.

This new fridge sends notification pop-up on your mobile screen if the doors are left open. Easy way to avoid facing embarrassment in-case of the above scenario, isn’t it? Helps you save a lot of cooling for sure.

Vacation Mode

While you enjoy your vacation, you can send you refrigerator on vacation mode too. This mode can be switched on from wherever you are, just be commanding it using your smartphone. This mode certainly saves a lot of energy. Less energy consumption is always good for mother nature as well.


Sudden plans to host a party at your place? There are chances that you might not have enough ice for the party. But with IcePlus feature, you don’t need to worry about it. If if you are not at home, you can use the ThinQ app in the smartphone to pass on the message to your fridge to make some ice real quick.

Smart Diagnosis

If the refrigerator experiences any problem, the smart diagnosis technology helps in resolving the issue very quickly. This feature helps customer support people solve the issue for you over the phone.

App Compatible

Your refrigerator is app compatible and can be controlled even if you are roaming around. The temperature can be adjusted, it can tell you what stock you have in the door of your refrigerator, it can help you create a to-do list and also upload photos etc. are few of the features that can be controlled through the app.


Anywhere Access

Using the Smart ThinQ app you don’t have to worry about your important work or movie getting interrupted or at the same time end up overcooking the food. You can check the time remaining and even switch off and switch on and preheat from anywhere.

Deliciously Cooked

The heating element in most of the inductions comes at the bottom of the appliance, however, in this smart induction LG has moved it to the back of the induction. This movement has ensured that there is optimal heating throughout. Thus ensuring even baking on every rack every time.

Infrared Heating

The best part about infrared heating is it reduces cooking time by 20%. This also makes sure that no preheating is required which ensures that the energy consumption is also low.

Easy Clean

The easiest part is cleaning the oven. It just takes 3 simple steps to clean the oven.

  1. Spray Water.
  2. Hit the easy clean button
  3. Wipe it off

These steps ensure that there is no chemical or high heat or a lot of scrubbing required for cleaning.

Ultra-Fast Boiling

The ultra heat burners provide 18500 BTU ultra heat which makes sure that boiling any liquid would just require minimal time to boil. This feature saves a lot of gas which is otherwise wasted during longer time consumption to bring any liquid to boil.


Smart Anywhere Access

The LG Smart ThinQ app compatibility gives the power of anywhere access using your smartphone. You can start or stop the dishwasher roaming around just using the app or voice command using Alexa or google assistant.

Clean In The First Go

Four spray arms instead of just 2 and the back and forth motion of these arms help in cleaning the dishes with high accuracy. These arms spray water on the dishes from various angles ensuring the dishes are properly cleaned.

Powerful Cleaning

The steam feature saves a lot of time of pre-washing and rewashing the dishes. The steam during prewash penetrates through the tough food on your dish and at the same time, it is very gentle on your delicate crockery. The post-wash steam cleans removes the water spots from the dishes.

Easy and Smooth Handling

The premium glide rail system in the upper rack makes sure that rack doesn’t catch or slide unevenly. The even in and out gliding helps in a smooth and fast loading and unloading. The easy rack set the seal on fitting in tall stemware or large size pans.


The smart technology is surely saving a lot of human sweat and making life much easy. But we can certainly say that to save this amount of hard work, we need to invest a lot of bucks. Though these devices are smart, they still need to be taken care of properly. There are various companies which offer appliances protection plan to take care of your valuable appliances. Let’s avail these services and stay happy and protected.


Cory Hungateis a writer living in San Jose, working for a Consumer Electronic Warranty Provider Company named as, which also offers total home protection plans.

He is very enthusiastic about his work and has a finesse knowledge of technology and innovation. He is very passionate about health and fitness and in his free time, he enjoys learninghuman psychology. He is also very ardent about exploring new places.

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How to Take CBD Oils

How to Take CBD Oils

The cannabis plant has long been known as the plant that can be used as a drug to get high. However, this plant contains different types of cannabinoids, some that have proven to be very useful to the human body.

Cannabidiol is one of the useful components that can be extracted from the cannabis plant. The use of this oil is associated with numerous benefits. Medically, it has only been proven to have the ability to be helpful to epilepsy patients. However, it is also said to have other positive effects on other conditions, especially those associated with the nerves and inflammation.

There are four different ways of taking CBD oils. All these methods deliver the same results, albeit at different speeds.


Inhaling the CBD oils is an effective way of taking it. When you inhale the oil, it goes to your lungs and is immediately absorbed into your bloodstream. Smoking and vaping are the two ways you can inhale the oil.


Smoking CBD oils is done using an oil rig that looks like a water pipe. This rig has a chamber where you pour your oil. The chamber is first heated before the oil is introduced. This produces a smoke that is then inhaled. Smoking CBD oils makes it easy for you to absorb it into your system faster. It also enables you to manage how much of the oil you consume.


You can use a vaporizer pen to vape CBD oil. For people not familiar to vaping, buying a vaping starter kit can be helpful. You can also get vape pens and the oil from This method of consuming CBD oils is an excellent alternative to anyone who prefers inhaling it but hates smoking. It still delivers maximum effects within a short time. Vaping also enables you to control your dosage.

Application balms or topical creams

It is possible to take CBD oils by applying them on your skin as a skin cream, ointment, or balm. This is the easiest method for most people as it does not require special tools to be done. You get the CBD oil topical treatment and rub it on your skin as recommended. This method of consuming CBD oils is useful in the treatment of headaches, muscle soreness, and skin conditions such as acne.

Using the sublingual method

CBD oils are available in the form of tinctures. These come in small bottles that have a dropper. You squeeze the recommended dosage under your tongue and leave it there for it to be absorbed into your system. After around 30 seconds, you swallow the oil. CBD oils consumed through the sublingual method take longer to deliver the effects as compared to the other two methods mentioned above. If you decide to try CBD be sure to check out these “Medterra discount codes“.

As oral capsules and edibles

CBD oils are manufactured in the form of capsules. One can buy the capsules from a certified dealer and take them as they would any other medication.

You can also get this oil in the form of edible gummy bear or lollipops. This form of consuming CBD oils can be too potent for some users.

Whichever method you prefer to take your CBD oil, you can be sure that you will enjoy the benefits associated with using these oils.

Relaxing Home Remedies For Gas

Relaxing Home Remedies For Gas

The improper and changing lifestyle these days has led to many gut-related problems amongst people these days. Flatulence is often a great cause of embarrassment. Aside from the social stigma, the person would also be dealing with stomach pain, stomach cramps, and heaviness. The intestinal