Impressive Ways to Increase Your Metabolism with Exercise

Impressive Ways to Increase Your Metabolism with Exercise

Thanks to your next workout session, you could get a speedier metabolism.

To help you understand this entails, let’s break down what metabolism means. Your body’s metabolism aptly describes all the chemical reactions being performed in your body. This includes breaking down of food to energy which you require for your day to day activities and to keep you going. An important thing to note is that in some people, the rate of metabolism happens faster compared to others.


Several factors determine the rate of your body’s metabolism – whether you’d get a slower metabolism or faster metabolism. Some of these include genes, age, and sex. Occasionally, a slow thyroid may lower your body’s metabolism. One thing to note is that the majority of these things are beyond your control and normal. So, it’s left for you to focus on speeding it up and doing it the right way, through exercise.

Muscle cells burn lots of calories since they need so much energy. In perspective, fat cells don’t burn as many calories as muscle cells. And muscle cells keep burning those calories after your exercise session. What this means is that you get rewarded with the benefits of exercising, even when you’re done sweating from your rigorous session.

As one gets older, it becomes more important to exercise as those muscle mass diminish with age, slowing down the rate of metabolism of your body. With adequate work out sessions, you can stop that from happening.

Basically, all you need to do is to always challenge your muscles. To get the best result, you can choose one of these two exercise methods to do so.

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Intensify your workout

One of the most proficient methods of burning more calories is engaging in aerobic activities. You can ride exercise bikes or even cycle distances, run a mile or two or engage in hill climbing. The major thing is to intensify whatever workout session you choose to go with, doing so will see your body burn lots of calories.

Also, you can try mixing them with other cardio types. Switching between intensities can aid you too. From higher to lower intensity, rinse and repeat. That is generally switching from challenging to less challenging. Say, for instance, you can ride a bike (find a suitable one for you here) for 3 minutes and mix it up with 2 minutes of jumping jacks. Or you opt for a full minute of jumping jacks (as many as you can do) and 2 minutes of walk-in place. Repeat for 15-20 minutes.

Weight lifting

Building your muscle mass by weight lifting is also a choice to consider. With muscle taking up more calories than fat, if you strengthen your muscles, you would be able to consistently burn calories even while resting.

For optimal results, you can opt for performing one or two sets of between 12 to 15 repetitions on the four major muscle groups – abs, glutes, biceps, and quads. You can do this twice a week.

You won’t just be aiding your metabolism; it will also improve your mood and help your bones and heart.

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