5 Inspirational Lessons from a Course in Miracles

5 Inspirational Lessons from a Course in Miracles

A Course in Miracles or ACIM, is an interesting approach of helping people reach a consistent state of happiness through a self-study program. It brings you the feeling of immense peace and oneness through its unique principle. These are principles that might seem ‘not of this world’, but highly enlightening for the mind and soul. It effectively creates a path for people looking forward to healing victimhood, depression, loneliness or any other life problems.

We are here with 5 most inspiring and motivational lessons of A Course in Miracles that will change your life for good.

5 best motivational lessons from A Course in Miracles

Lesson #77 – I am entitled to miracles

‘I am entitled to Miracles’ is a chapter that makes you believe that miracles are your birthright. It defines miracles most extraordinarily, as “A Shift in Perception, from Fear to Love”.

You need to understand, where in life can you try bringing in these shifts? Do you often invite miracles? Are you in a space where you are open enough to receive miracles? The time when you are true to yourself, living your collective and individual truths, you vibrate at the real, unique energy signs. And once you start resonating at the home frequencies, like Pure Love, you kind of get aligned with the invisible force area, surrounded by positive energy all the time.

You can also put it this way – By realizing our truths genuinely, we align with the natural, pure frequencies of the Universe and can step into a different time-space reality, which is non-linear and non-ordinary. It is a place where miracles are common, real.

So, start believing in miracles. Magic is real. You are entirely entitled to them.

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Lesson #121 – Forgiveness is the key to happiness

Forgiveness is the most valuable thing you can ever give to someone. Forgiveness brings you joy and sets you free. By forgiving a person, you are clearing away the negative and toxic emotions from your heart, which were burdening you for long. You make more room for energy to invest in yourself, in manifesting your own dreams. Look at it this way, you have a certain amount of energy dollars for a day, so ask yourself more often: Where should I spend it and on what?

If you have a problem with your friend, boss or co-worker, start eliminating all the conflicts. When you do this, you don’t allow someone else to affect you; you have more energy dollars to invest in things that bring you love, peace, fulfillment and empowerment. No one can affect you unless you let them do. So, it is essential to learn the art of forgiveness. If not for others’ happiness, do it for your own.

Lesson #158 – Today I learn to give as I receive

Understand the concept of life – The more you give, the more you receive. There is a beautiful Andean principle in Shamanism called ‘Ayni’. It is a Quechua word which means, reciprocity or ‘right relationship’, with the Universe. Cultivate and collect the feelings of gratitude in your heart and share them with the world through your heart space. This way, you emanate love and fill the world with your positive light.

Lesson #293 – All fear is past and only love is here

You might not even realize, but fear can stop you from many things in your life. Ask yourself – where in my life, am I holding back because of my fear? If you don’t get it right, there will come a day in your life, when your fears will trap and lock you down and get to the driver’s seat. It will dictate you to the what, when, where, who, why and how. Ask yourself, what would I do now if I wouldn’t fear?

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What is your fear? Is it fear of failure or fear of success? Is it fear of losing or fear of not being enough? Fear of losing a job and stepping into your purpose in life? There’s a lot that can be making you scared right now. Think about all those things.

In Shamanism, fearlessness is considered as the medicine of the West. It teaches us to get into our fears and face them. To develop fearlessness within you is the best thing you can gift yourself and you need to do it now. Stop running from it and commit to them fearlessly. Fight against these negatives and transmute them as the fuel for your fire. Turn them the other way round; use them for your advantage.

Lesson #312 – I see all things as I would have them be

This chapter in A Course of Miracles tells you to hold the vision ad trust the process. Be the co-creator of your dreams; imagine them to be true. Realize your vision for yourself and the world around you.

When you meditate, hold your visions, the ideal vision of success, joy, happiness, inner peace ad bliss. All your materials should be met. Everything that you want in life is your birthright. Nobody can take it away from you. Bring the vision you wish to see in the world into awareness – harmony, love, world peace, positive energy everywhere. Once you do this, you can give these visions up to the Universe, the higher soul and mind, to breathe life into these manifestations and work hard on your behalf.

Take deep breaths, for yourself, think of inspired actions to realize your dreams while holding the vision and having faith in the process. Trust that our guides in the ultimate space, our luminous beings and the Universe itself, are working to fulfill your orders that you placed on the menu of the Universe. Believe that your visions are realized already and you will see things taking turns, making way for things to happen, the way you wanted them to happen.


A Course in Miracles teaches you to love life and live it whole-heartedly, with love, peace and oneness as your best mates. These lessons from AICM gives an idea of living life that you never imagined would exist.

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