Make Tupelo Smiley Honey Part of your Daily Habit

Make Tupelo Smiley Honey Part of your Daily Habit

One of the most valuable varieties of honey is tupelo honey. It has a special sweetness and delicate taste that many people love. Tupelo honey is completely organic with a lighter and milder taste. It dissolves quickly in the tongue, leaving you a hint of a floral note. It is an excellent substitute for sugar and syrup. The tupelo Smiley Honey is even safe for consumption to people with diabetes due to its many healthy properties.

Tupelo Honey Production

The tupelo honey is one variety of honey that is found along the Apalachicola river basin in northwest Florida. It is the only place that produces the tupelo honey commercially; this is because the tupelo gum tree thrives in the Florida river swamps. As with other varieties of honey, tupelo syrup also comes in different quality, flavor, and color, depending on its purity.

White tupelo is considered as the best form of honey. It has a rich floral taste and fruity scent with a light shade of green and amber. There are other types of plants that grow before the special white tupelo, like the black gum, willow, and black tupelo. But, these other tupelo plants produce a darker and lower quality of honey, as they are likely to granulate.

Why Is Tupelo Honey Expensive?

There are several reasons why tupelo honey comes at a high price. To start with, it is the purest form of honey that you can only find in the Apalachicola river basin. Its harvest season lasts for about 2 to 3 weeks or less if the weather is poor. Harvesting tupelo plants need special equipment and timing, which is stressful and labor-intensive. During harvest time, beekeepers manage bees continuously in remote and hot areas, typically from boats. Hives must not have any other honey, and workers collect them immediately after the end of the blossom season.

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Choose Certified Pure Tupelo Honey

When it is certified tupelo honey, it means that it is not processed, filtered, or heated. The product has no other mixture of honey from other blossoms. The state will label the honey as monofloral tupelo if it contains 51% floral content. The pollen analysis performs the honey certification. You will also know if the honey is impure if it granulates.

Nutritional Value You Can Get from Tupelo Honey

Tupelo Smiley Honey is generally made of fructose, which the body absorbs easily. Fructose is also considered the healthiest sugar. Tupelo honey also contains other nutrients, including enzymes, dextrins, amino acids, vitamin C, vitamin B, numerous minerals, and traces of protein. One tablespoon of this honey has 3.5 grams water, 0.2 grams sucrose, 0.65 grams galactose, 9 grams of fructose, 03 grams maltose, 6.5 grams of glucose, and 60 calories.

Health Benefits

Tupelo honey is safe to ingest by diabetic patients considering that this kind of syrup has low glucose and high fructose ratio. If you have diabetes, make sure to consult with your physician before consuming this honey. In general, the Smiley Honey is rich in antioxidants and antibacterial properties. You may consume it by itself, as a replacement for sugar, for meat sauces, salad dressings, and sweetener for various beverages.

Now is the time to make tupelo honey a part of your daily diet because this special product is specifically made to provide numerous health benefits to the body.

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