Tips to Stay Fit in Dubai’s Climate

Tips to Stay Fit in Dubai’s Climate

Dubai is a fantastic city to live and work. Its luxurious lifestyle and amazing hotspots make it a perfect place to stay. But the climate in UAE is arid and tropical for about 8 months and extremely cold during the remaining 4 months.

Because of climatic changes in Dubai, people living here experience many health issues and are unable to maintain a fit body. The summer months pose a great challenge as temperature increases to over 50 degrees and humidity levels can touch 100%. In winters, the temperature is extreme and it is too chilly to stay outdoors.

While taking precautions always help, still it is essential for people living and working there to follow some tips to enjoy the climate of Dubai to the fullest while maintaining their health in the best manner.

Here are the tips to stay healthy in the extreme climate of Dubai.

1. Stick to a Healthy Diet

Just like most cities and countries experiencing tropical climate, even Dubai poses a major challenge to people living there when it comes to food.

With extreme climatic conditions, it is essential to carefully pick what you eat. It is important to stick to a healthy diet and balance between exercise and diet. To make sure you stay healthy most of the times opt for lighter foods with high water content.

2. Keep Yourself Hydratedworko

As I have mentioned above, the climate in Dubai is quite warm. With such a warm climate, the body needs more hydration.

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It is vital to include a lot of water in your daily work routine. One of the best ways to stay hydrated is to drink a lot of water both before and after the workout.

The food you eat must also contain high water content. Avoid consuming greasy food as it is not good for health and may even make you feel exhausted and tired soon.

3. Work Out As Often As You Can

Moving to Dubai can be overwhelming as the city has a lot to offer. It is essential to maintain a proper exercise routine.

You can either hire a personal trainer in Dubai or an expert dietitian who can help you maintain a proper diet and workout routine.

There are a lot of gyms in Dubai. You can enroll in one of these or can develop a daily work routine at home. Consulting an expert lifestyle professional in Dubai can help you maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle.

4. Indulge in a Massage Session

The fast-paced lifestyle in Dubai automatically leads to stress. Getting a massage once in a while is an excellent way to beat stress and keep it at bay.

There are numerous massage centers in Dubai where you can go for massage therapy. Even, it is clinically proven effective to combat numerous medical conditions. There are numerous qualified massage parlors in Dubai that offer you great therapy as per the ongoing climate.

This way, you can stay healthy, stress-free, and have a relaxed mind, which is of utmost importance for a healthy body.

5. Running / Jogging

Take benefit of the many parks and different bespoke areas, which are springing up across Dubai.

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There are numerous public beaches in Dubai that boast sponge-like, soft surface tracks, which are great for running or jogging.

If you are fond of cycling, you can also make use of the desert setting at the popular 86km long Al Quadra cycling track in Dubai.

With extreme climatic conditions and a culture that leads to longer working hours, poor nutrition and naturally offered sedentary lifestyle can lead to numerous health problems among people in Dubai. Even, cases related to major health concerns like diabetes, obesity, stroke, and others have increased a lot in Dubai.

Hence, it is essential that you keep a close check on your nutrition intake and lifestyle in Dubai. For this, consult the best dietitian in Dubai by clicking on the link

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