Small Kids Room Ideas: Tips for Maximizing Space

Small Kids Room Ideas: Tips for Maximizing Space

It seems to be tough and challenging to design the baby’s room interior while having a small space in it. But applying some ingenious idea you can a small but well decorated and organized room to live in.

Here are several tips and suggestions that will help you to make the layout for maximizing the tiny space into a Lilliput Empire for your CHAMP!

  1. Go with Vertical Bedding: Make the best use of height of your baby’s personal fort. In this case, bunk beds are great for saving spaces and sharing the room too. This bed will allow your baby a fun time as well as secure privacy with the fancy curtain! lol
  2. Vertical Storage: Another super technique/idea is to make the storage of the room in a vertical way. Install two or three shelves in the room in vertical way where you can put your champ’s dresses or food in it and which can also serve as their stuffed animal storage. Added bonus, putting the toys on the shelves enhances the beauty of the room as well as looks like they guarding your Emperor.
  3. Beds with Storage: Beds with built in storage capacity are highly effective to put the things in a systematic manner. Plus, Beds with drawer will allow you to keep the things unseen underneath the bed.
  4. Hanging Clothes Garden: Don’t be surprised! You are not going to make a cloths garden at all. Actually, if you are shortage of space for keeping the kid’s clothes then you should hang them in a horizontal rod or in a stand at the corner. As we know folded clothes needs more spaces so hanging is a great idea either.
  5. Farewell of Doors: Doors take much space which is beyond our realization. It will be great idea if you take off the doors from the closet or any other shelf have in the baby room. Here, it will give you faster access in the closet without opening and shut down task. Plus, you can hang the daily fits at the very low for randomly picking.
  6. Portable Play Station: hey, don’t forget to manage your baby’s fantasy kingdom by saving room space. A smart idea is to make a fantasy playground for your baby is portable teepees which allow you to give it on playing time and stow away after playing. Hence, you will be able to do some other activities hereafter.
  7. Bright Neutral Color: Applying the bright color would be the best fit for your baby room. Because, it will seem to you more spacious than the real picture and lively for long time. You may have ever noticed most of the times kid’s toys and other baby items are brightly colored? This is because; these things will be more balanced with the room environment as the time goes on. You can use colorful and fun pattern on other things like curtain, bedding, and vehicles etc. for a balance color environment in your baby room.
  8. Small Study Table: With the aging of your kids you will be needed a space for your kid’s study. In this case, cut out a small laptop desk size table for your kid’s study. If your kids need more space for completing art projects, drawing or assignment then dining table is always ready!!!
  9. Innovative Drawing Wall: Every child love to draw on the wall. And you should not stop him/her to doing this. It extent their inner talent as well as cognitive skill. Hence, instead of drawing on the wall fix a chalkboard on the wall for talent explore. Who knows your little champ would be the next Picasso! Plus, hanging some metallic color letter and numbers can indulge them for organic learning.
  10. Secret Bookstore: Worrying about your kid’s books? Don’t be. Make the best use of the area behind the bed room door. Nobody does not even know the way yet. However, make a bookshelf behind your door using wall trims for your kids book display.
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Imagine the layout again and again before making the room because once you make it later change would be ultimate problem for your baby.

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